At cnmp.org, we are huge into team building. What can we say, we love to do things to boost morale. Happy coworkers make for not only a happy work environment. But a productive one. We do multiple things to boost the morale from foot races through the halls to surprise hugs. Not creepy, though. We are professional.

But the main thing that we like to do is team dinners. Our people love team dinners. But half the fun of team dinners is choosing which Scottsdale restaurants that we want to visit. For that, we visit this amazing local site called ScottsdaleRestaurants.com. They are the best in the Valley for helping us pick the absolute best place to go. Their videos showcase each restaurant and really make our decisions difficult because they make every restaurant look so so good!

But you best believe that come the following day at the office after one of our team dinners morale is through the roof. Seriously, if you are not doing team dinners at your place of business you really should. I have never seen so many smiles and happy people before. We did two team dinners last month, and we broke our all-time monthly sales goals. We are talking TPS reports were coming from everywhere. Surprise hugs were not only welcomed they were encouraged, and foot races through the halls definitely helped us work off last night’s team dinner.

So the moral of our story is you should always try to do things to keep your company morale up. Trust us the foot races, surprise hugs and most importantly the team dinners work. Don’t believe us? Please try them for yourself!